Thinking about Retiring?

PlanPlus can help you to figure out exactly how much money you will need to fund a rewarding retirement.

Our team of professionals will consider your situation and provide you with financial advice that is specifically tailored to you. Our strategies are designed to ensure that you can live your retirement to its fullest.

Without adequate planning, retirement can become a financial nightmare. It can be difficult to maneuvre through the legislative hurdles and market jargon without expert advice and understanding of the full implications of your financial decisions.

We can help with:

  • Tax effectively building your Superannuation;
  • Accessing your Superannuation;
  • Superannuation consolidation;
  • Investment Advice;
  • Debt Reduction;
  • Establishing an appropriate Income Stream or Pension;
  • Maximising your Centrelink entitlements;
  • Tax effective Estate Planning.

We are experts in Pre-Retirement and Retirement planning and our experience in this field has resulted in our team’s unparalleled knowledge of retirement strategies and products. Our aim is to take the stress out of your transition to a new and exciting period of your life.


Case Study

Harry & Julia Are Preparing For Retirement

Harry and Julia have been thinking about retiring for a few years now. Harry is a self-employed carpenter and Julia works full time managing the local grocery store. Together, their household income is around $200,000 per annum. Two thirds the way through paying their  mortgage off, the balance of their home-loan is $150,000.

Though their planning retirement is not for a few more years yet, they are both concerned with the performance of their respective Super funds and whether they have accumulated enough money to fund the retirement they both dream of.

PlanPlus were able to provide advice that enabled Harry and Julia thousands in tax and boost their Superannuation balances at the same time. Their personalised financial plan also covered how much they would need in their Super funds to last through retirement comfortably. Additionally, we provided a repayment schedule for Harry and Julia’s home-loan, helping to save them thousands in interest.